Introducing... Jermaine Riley

British-bred singer/song writer (former 1/3 of UK R&B group FDM and current 1/2 of alt. R&B duo Dora Martin), Jermaine Riley has been looking up to many a hero of R&B/pop culture for quite some time now. Michael Jackson being the first, as Jermaine spent hours in front of the TV as a child, emulating the icon.

"I wouldn't go anywhere without my white socks and black plimsoles, it didn't matter what else I was wearin," he says. "I wanted to be him." With MJ at the top, this list soon grew, along with his anticipation to see his very own name on it.

Fast forward to adulthood; hundreds of shows, several tours, a few music videos and an everlasting back catalogue of songs later and you will find Riley singing, dancing and standing strong, as a seasoned entertainer, hands on in every creative aspect of his career.

"I just have strong visions, high standards and I like to stay busy. It's difficult to let go of the wheel once you've seen how fast things go off-road whenever you do. I think it started with me cutting my own hair in school and now everything's spun into my control, haha! Basically, I teach myself how to do the things I don't like relying on people to do for me."

Today, Riley has many a notch of his belt; executive producing, writing, arranging, mixing and engineering all his own projects and designing all his artwork, website and promotional material. Not to mention directing and editing his music videos. Now, amidst penning songs for many different artists and producers, both upcoming and established, as well as graphic designing for the likes of Lethal Bizzle and Krept & Konan, the ever-busy triple threat has unleashed a barrage of conceptual and auto-biographical bodies of work to date; Goodbye Krypton: The Mixtape (2008), Nine Ten Eleven: The Refixes (2011), his debut album Hello Earth (2012), Ten Eleven Twelve (2012) and Dora Martin's Coalition EP (2013).

Without a doubt, 'Jermaine Riley - the solo artist' officially landed with the release of Hello Earth. Sprinkled with a star-studded cast of producers (Harmony Samuels, Dready, James Ighile) and several notable features from upcoming talent, the album achieved over a staggering 150,000 downloads online, with an influx of devoted fans showing sincere support since Jermaine’s FDM days. The videos for the first two singles "Key To The City" and "Smallville", both produced by Harmony Samuels, premiered and in rotation on BET International's 106&Park. Consequently capturing the attention of Japanese independent label P-Vine Records and placing the project on shelves in over 600 record stores across Japan. The self-penned offering definitely set a positive tone for his following solo projects, including this year's highly anticipated The Cape Tape: Lost Sessions.

"I felt like the world needed reminding; I'm here to stay. It's been 3 years since I've released anything solo so the all-round entertainer that loves to dance has been pretty dormant. One too many people asked me if I still dance and I'm not having that, haha! I can't allow people to forget what I bring to the table. So I'm giving you everything I've got with this new project and I hope it inspires and encourages other artists." 

With boundless creativity, an unwavering work ethic and a brand new body of work to enjoy, Jermaine Riley's potential for superstardom is plain to see.  Up, up and away...